Film Review: The German Doctor



“So Dr. Mengele, what did you do after the war?”

“Well….I fled to South America on a Vatican issued passport and evaded capture by Mossad (The Israeli agency tasked with hunting down escaped Nazi war criminals) until 1979 when I accidentally drowned while swimming off the coast of Brazil.”

“Is that all you did?”

“On heavens no, I remained true to my sociopathic nature and continued to experiment on living people just as I had done in Auschwitz.”

The German Doctor is a compact and superbly crafted account of Nazi war criminal Joseph Mengele’s time in Argentina in the early 1960s. An unwary family fall under the spell of his charms and become subjects in his ongoing live genetic experiments while he is protected by an ex-pat German community still in thrall to the Fuhrers Reich. An interesting exposition of the aftermath of the Nazi phenomenon seldom explored in filmic narrative and another fine Argentina film, a country that must rate among the worlds best movie making nations.


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