Film Review: Eastern Boys (2013). 5/5 Stars.



A group of close knit boys, all social castoffs living on the edge of society in Paris, survive collectively through a scam centred on gay men. Marginalised by their desire these men are ripe for the picking, unfortunates who have little recourse in a society that is unsympathetic to their sexuality. Daniel’s desire unwittingly draws him into the scam, a terrifying narrative sequence that examines a kind of emotional rape easily directed at sexual minorities in a hostile environment.

In the aftermath Daniel has every right to be bitter and frightened but when one of the boys come calling again he opens his door on more potential humiliation and invites him in setting off a series of events that reveal Daniel to be a man of profound character and deep abiding humanity.

Ostensibly a thriller ‘Eastern Boys’ opens the door on the complexities of the heart and asks us to reconsider the gay stereotypes that inform so much fictional narrative. Intense, thrilling and a beautifully realised meditation on love and emotional responsibility, ‘Eastern Boys’ is a slow cooked film lovingly prepared from quality ingredients blending complex flavours into a sumptuous cinematic feast.




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