Film Review: Sicario

An idealistic FBI agent is unwittingly drawn into the frontline of the war on drugs and discovers on the US/Mexican border, a zone where the normal rule of law has been suspended and where ambiguity has replaced the constitutional values she has been trained to uphold.

Sicario is a visceral philosophical examination of an ideology that states unequivocally that narcotics are evil and must be stamped out no matter the cost, a point succinctly made by one of the characters: “Until we can convince 20% of the population to stop snorting this shit, we are at war,” a statement that begs the question, “Is legalisation a better solution to the endless carnage that is the direct result of prohibition?”

Cinema, when done right, is a powerfully confronting medium and Sicarrio is one of those films that hauls you up by the boot straps and gives you cause to examine your preconceptions and ideas about the nature of good and bad, right and wrong.

Take the American version of the Danish TV series The Bridge, mix up a whole lot of Breaking Bad, (without the irony and delicate absurdism), and there you have it, one hell of a film. 4/5 stars


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